20 juni 2024

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~ Genealogical research of my familyname ~


Years ago, when my father passed away, I started researching my family name.
The initial goal was to find out as much as possible about my familyname KLOMBERG, both old and new and inland and abroad.

In the beginning it went very fast, but the further you go back in time, the more difficult it gets. Fortunately, you can request a lot of information via the internet; the rest you will have to look up through other resources like in the national archives.

After the publication of 2 books, in 1995 and 1998, about the Klomberg family, more and more questions arose that were not only about Klomberg name bearers, but also about their relatives, etc. Partly because of this, I expanded my research.

Over time I have shifted my interest from not only the familyname KLOMBERG , but also to all my ancestors.

I also researched the past of my grandmother Paulina WILLEMS , my father's mother.

I also started researching the familyname of my wife, Anja VAN RIJSEWIJK and my mother, Maria JANSSEN .

And, because we have two grandchildren I obviously studied their fathers familyname, PAUWELSEN .

Recently I had a huge breakthrough in researching the DISTANT ANCESTORS of our ancestor Johanna Maria Driessen, the wife of our Dutch ancestor Gerhard Klomberg. As a result, it is now known that we descend from, among others, Charlemagne (02-04-748), and also from the English Royal Family (between 400 and 800).

You can find an index by surname of all this data below.

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